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Deal structuring

As a result of our experience and extensive professional network, we are often able to facilitate large, complex transactions between previously unacquainted parties. 

Our network includes large scale developers, institutional investors, pension funds and high net worth individuals 

These complex transactions are usually formed as a result of a landowner recognising the latent potential in their significant site but lacking the requisite knowledge, contacts  and / or financial capabilities to execute a relevant scheme. Additional scenarios can involve developer ownership of a potential scheme that once built, would require the involvement of an institutional investor or pension fund to purchase and hold the end product - given the size of the scheme and the capital involved.

We are able to assess the details and quickly understand the types of parties that would need to be involved in order to bring the scheme from inception to completion. We can then act on behalf of the site owner to socialise the opportunity with these parties  and coordinate both information flow and the deal progression.