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Joint Ventures

We have built a solid reputation as being the partner of choice for land or building owners, who have themselves identified that their site has development potential. Previous partners have included business owners who are looking to retire or relocate, business owners who are encountering financial difficulties and need a partner that can move quickly, property owners who have significant land around their dwelling and large property owners as a result of inheritance.

In these situations, we are able to create a bespoke partnership arrangement that provides both sides with what they wish to achieve. One potential scenario is as follows:

  • The Land / Site owner agrees to place the holding into a special purpose vehicle (SPV) with an agreed shareholding.

  • Lodestar provides the due diligence and organises the necessary architectural and planning work for planning submission. 

  • Once the planning permission has been granted, Lodestar will arrange the senior debt and development funding.

  • The site could then be redeveloped and once completed and sold, all parties share in the residual profit.

An alternative scenario could be:

  • We work together with the Land / Site owner to follow the same initial process but then sell the scheme with benefit of planning on to another developer. This may be a preferred option if either the scheme doesn't quite meet with our strict internal development criteria - but would work for another developer, or if the owner needs to realise some uplift profit sooner than waiting for the full development cycle.

There are many varieties of the above scenarios and we are happy to consider all options within reason. The schemes that we are most interested in partnering on generally fall into the following categories:

  • Commercial buildings in excess of 5000 square feet

  • Parcels of land in excess of 1 acre

  • Residential blocks with scope for optimisation

In all instances these schemes will be close to town centres, but we will also consider green land plots that sit alongside existing residential areas.

If you own a site that broadly fits into one or more of these categories and have an interest in discussing your options, please reach out to us using the contact form and we will get back in touch with you.