We and our partners have significant experience and strengths in site feasibility and analysis. Whether it be for sites that we have identified for ourselves or on behalf of clients, we  carry out  the following, either as a complete package or as individual exercises:

Phase 1

Site identification through a combination of technology driven algorithms and network contacts

Site feasibility study in order to likely density and likelihood of planning being granted 

QS analysis to quantify build costs and associated fees

Comparable analysis to establish future GDV and investment yields

Sense checking of existing calculations and feasibility

Phase 2

Submission of planning documentation (with introduction of expert planning consultants where deemed necessary)

Creation of building regulations and construction drawings

Creation of blueprint interior design plans and packages for contractors to follow

Creation of high res 3d imagery for exit marketing purposes

Marketing of the site and introduction to potential investment buyers or funds (depending upon the scale of the site)

Instructing formal site valuation

Creating a finance process that is bespoke to the developers circumstances and needs. This can include access to private, mezzanine and term lenders 

Once planning permission has been granted, we will either develop out the scheme or consider selling on the development opportunity to a suitable alternative developer. If we sell on, then we do so with the full benefit of the information and services above, creating added value and the ability of quicker decision making for potential buyers.

Sites will also have been socialised with who we deem to be the most appropriate lenders for the scheme, and as a result will often have outline approval - subject to the usual lender requirements. Should these proposed terms be of interest to the purchaser, then we can facilitate the transaction directly with the lender on behalf of the purchaser.